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Adding a Custom File Handler

Sometimes it is convenient to “fake” a file — the user has requested a file, but it it needs to be generated or processed before it is sent out.

More: custom-file-handler

HTML5 is Alive

If you’ve been secluded under a rock for the past decade, lost on a desert island, kidnapped by aliens or in a coma, you may have missed the news about HTML5. The news is that it’s here, mostly.

More: html5-alive

JavaScript Closures

If you haven’t heard of JavaScript Closures, then you’re in for some good news and some good news and some bad news. Roughly speaking, closures describe how JavaScript variables are inherited in nested functions.

More: javascript-closures

JavaScript Event Handlers

One of the most important aspects of using JavaScript is responding to user events. When the user clicks on something, types something or even sits and stares, it is possible for JavaScript to respond.

More: javascript-event-handlers

JavaScript Functions

If you come from a different programming or scripting language, you probably thought you knew all about functions. However, JavaScript has a few surprises for you which may confuse or delight you, depending on what you had in mind.

More: javascript-functions

JavaScript Objects

An object is a package or collection of data. This data may be simple, such as strings and numbers, or it may be more complex. In particular, the object can also contain other objects.

More: javascript-objects

Setting up a Local Web Server

In Principal, you can set up a Web Server by individually finding and installing the appropriate packages. In practice, you might prefer to install one of the pre-packaged versions.

More: local-web-server

Using Passwords in PHP

Website owners who maintain user details have a great responsibility. Apart from keeping the database safe and sound, you will have to ensure that user passwords are kept safe and secure.

More: php-passwords

Responsive JavaScript

Much has been said about the merits of Responsive Websites, and, for the most part, rightly so. The benefits of building a website which can cope with the plethora of alternative browsing devices must surely be obvious to any developer.

More: responsive-javascript

Responsive Tables

Two of the most difficult things to get right in a responsive design are images and tables. By their very nature, the tend to occupy a certain amount of space, and it is often difficult to work out what to do if the screen is to small to accommodate the whole figure.

More: responsive-tables

Showing & Hiding Passwords on Forms

Web Forms typically use the special `password` type for password inputs. This hides the password from every body, but unfortunately includes the user. This looks at how to temporarily show the password if the user wants.

More: show-form-passwords

SQL & Optional Data

SQL includes `null`, which is used to indicate __no value__. The problem is that it doesn’t explain _why_ there is no value. Where we look at adding more meaning to `null` to allow for optional data.

More: sql-optional-data

Running SQL Server on a Macintosh

SQL Server is normally to be found only on Windows environments. However, it is possible to install a working version of SQL Server on a Macintosh.

More: sql-server-macintosh

Toggling Attributes or Classes

An important technique is simply to be able to turn property on or off. Once you have done this, you can perform a lot of additional magic using CSS.

More: toggling-attributes

Images for the Web

Images are one of the most important visual elements of a web page. Here we look at what’s involved in preparing images for the Web.

More: web-images

Web Menus

Navigation is one of the key elements in all modern web sites, and making the navigation look attractive and familiar is going to be an important part of your web design.

More: web-menus

Zebra Tables

HTML tables, when correctly used, can contain many rows and columns of data. If the table is large enough, designers often wish to highlight rows to make them easier to read.

More: zebra-tables

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